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PHPCI 2024: Building Bridges between Science and People

The topic sets the scene for the next PHPCI Conference: come to Bern and build bridges with us! We cordially invite you to join the 8th Public Health Palliative Care International (PHPCI) Conference from 22-25 October 2024. Many competencies are needed to improve the currently inequitable experience of dying, caregiving, death and grief in our societies. The conference offers a unique opportunity to bring people with various professional backgrounds together from across the globe, in person or virtually, to share, learn and – build bridges.

**Please explore the conference agenda for a programme overview.** 

The PHPCI 2024 conference is set to host a diverse lineup of experts from around the globe, representing each continent. Here’s a sneak peek into some of the engaging sessions:

  • Connections – from compassion to self-compassion to clinical care: Jason Mills (Australia), Phil Larkin (Switzerland) and Sofia Zambrano (Switzerland) will explore the evolution of compassion, from concept to clinical care, and delve into the crucial aspect of self-care.
  • Death Literacy Discussion: Joachim Cohen (Belgium), Carol Tishelman (Sweden) and Ekkapop Sittwantana (Thailand) will provide an in-depth exploration of death literacy—its development and measurement.
  • End of Life in Marginalized Populations: Farzana Khan (Bangladesh) and Kelli Stajduhar (Canada) will shine a light on the unique challenges and considerations surrounding end-of-life care in marginalized populations.
  • Bereavement Companionship Programs: Saif Muhammad (India) and Libby Sallnow (UK) will engage in a discussion on bereavement companionship programs, probing whether they should be considered a luxury or a societal standard.
  • Global Compassion Policy Summit: Christian Ntizimira (Rwanda) and Klaus Wegleitner (Austria) will lead a policy summit on global compassion, connecting philosophies and policies of care.
  • Compassionate Cities International: Vilma Tipodoro (Argentina), Allan Kellehear (UK), and Steffen Eychmueller (Switzerland) will unravel the concept of compassionate cities internationally and explore the associated benefits.

Stay tuned for more detailed information on these captivating sessions. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of these incredible discussions — register for the PHPCI 2024 conference now!

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