For students, early career and junior researchers
– Public Health and Palliative Care Academy

Welcome to the PHPCI Academy from 18-20 October 2024 in Münchenwiler (close to Bern)

The purpose of the Academy is to bring together international experts and junior researchers (potential or present doctoral students, post-docs) of different disciplines active in the field of public health palliative care to share their varied experience in a constructive and innovative atmosphere of knowledge exchange. The goal is to improve present and future research, as well as derive emerging topics and methods to benefit research and education in the field.

If you are a junior or early career postdoc researchers and if you like to register, please send an email to There are only 30 places which are allocated on a first come first served basis.

You can find more information in our Academy brochure here.

We are delighted to share with you some highlights of the program:

Theme/ Session 1
Theoretical Frameworks & Underlying Ideas (Luc Deliens, Belgium; Libby Sallnow, UK)
Explore groundbreaking theoretical frameworks and concepts shaping public health palliative care and delving into the core ideas driving innovation and progress in the field. In this session we will present and discuss the history of public health palliative care, the theoretical origins of public health palliative care, the focus shift from individual quality of life towards population driven wellbeing, prevention and harm reduction and early intervention into the community.
Theme/ Session 2
Community-Based Participatory Action Research (Carol Tishelman, Sweden, Kelli Stajduhar, Canada)
Uncover the transformative potential of community-based participatory action research, highlighting its role in shaping responsive and impactful public health palliative care strategies.
Theme/ Session 3
Evaluation of Complex Programs (Valentina Gonzalez, CH, Guy Peryer, UK)
Navigate the intricacies of evaluating complex programs within public health palliative care, emphasizing methodologies and insights crucial for effective program assessment and improvement. In this session we will discuss how traditional evaluation approaches can introduce inappropriate assumptions for complex problems, and when applied in the wrong context, can waste time, money, and human resources, and compromise the utility of the findings. The session will be participatory; we will develop some complexity-informed evaluation designs for research questions contributed by workshop attendees. We will also discuss methods to develop evaluation models of complex public health palliative care programs.
Theme/ Session 4
Questionnaire and Survey Design (Joachim Cohen, Belgium, Therese Johansson, UK)
Examine the art and science of questionnaire and survey design, focusing on the nuanced approaches essential for gathering meaningful data in the realm of public health palliative care.

Invited participants will be charged a total fee of CHF 480. This includes board and lodging, but not travel expenses. The Academy will take place in the castle Münchenwiler (close to Bern).

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